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On Grid Solar Power Station

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  • BrandSunpark
  • TypeOn Grid
  • Require
1 On-Grid Solar Power System Model ON-3KW ON-4KW ON-5KW
2 Power 3240 Wp 4320 Wp 5400 Wp
Item Description Quantity
Solar Panel CUPV-270P60,270w poly solar panel 12 16 20
Inverter MPPT,pure sine wave 1
Solar panel bracket Aluminum alloy,Flat and Slope Roof installation 1
Cables and accessoires 4.0sqm PV cable ,6.0sqm cable,including all spare parts 1

Solar Panel Specifications
Power:270W per piece
Size:992 x 1640 x 45 mm
Excellent module efficiency of up to:16.8%
High PTC rating of up to 91.89%
Outstanding low irradiance performance of up to 96.5%
IP67 junction box for long-term weather endurance
Heavy snow load up to 6000 Pa,wind load up to 4000 Pa
5 years of liner power output warranty
10 years of product on material and workmanshop warranty
Mechanical Data
Cell Type:Poly crystalline,6 inch
Cell Arrangement:60(6x10)
Front Cover:3.2mm tempered glass
Frame material:Anodized aluminum alloy
Connector:MC KST4/X and KBT4/X
Per Pallet:26 pieces,520kg
Max. System Voltage:1000V(IEC) or 1000V(UL)
Max.Series Fuse Rating:15A
Application Classfication:Class A
Power Tolerance:0~+5V
Solar Inverter specifications
   4 inch LCD display
MPPT controller
Pure sine wave inverter
ow frequency single phase
Generator/Grid Hybrid system
Remote monitoring(RS485)
Remote monitoring GPRS/GSM
Optioanl:7 inch touch screen
Optional:output 3P4W three phases
PV Combiner Box Specifications
  Lightning protection
Reverse protection
Waterproof protection IP65
Over current protection
Over voltage protection
PV Mounting Bracket Specifications
  Aluminum alloy
Wind resistance 24.5m/s-28.4m/s
Optional:Pot Galvanized Steel
Roof installation(tin/tile/cement)
Optional: Ground installation
Cables Screws and Connectors
  4.0sqm. PV cable,6.0sqm. PV Cable
MC-4 connextors IP65

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