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Open Loop Solar Water Heating System

2018/12/26 16:47:43 Viewers:
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An Open Loop Water Heating System provides many advantages It is the simplest and typically the least expensive active system to install. There is no heat exchanger, which allows efficient heat transfer directly to the water. The system Operates at standard line pressure. When there is not enough energy for sun, an electrical back up element will be automatically switched on by controller.

System drawing:

1. Solar Collector

5. Tempering Valve

9. Circulating Pump
2. Manual Air Valve 6. Collector Return 10.Roma Valve
3. Hot Water to Taps 7.Collector Supply 11. DHW Electric Tank
4.Cold Feed 8. Non Return Valve 12. Immersion Heater

Products list:

Model Heat pipe solar collector Tank Capacity (L) 20/40G/40H Container G.W.(kg)
Diameter Length Tubes Qty.
CUOLS100 58mm 1800mm 10 100 58/118/140 75
CUOLS200 20 200 28/57/70 155
CUOLS300 30 300 21/43/50 230
CUOLS400 40 400 16/32/42 155
CUOLS500 50 500 14/28/35 230

System running principle video please visit here

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