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Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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  • TypeCUCHP
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1).The pipeline is made of all the red copper and conducted By heat transfer medium liquid. Water can't flow in vacuum Tubes and operated when confined. The manifold uses Aluminum alloy mould material of high strength with Air flow design. It is furnished in good style.
2).Can with stand high pressure when it works.
3).Module design, arbitrary combination, which can meet the demand of large water consumption.
4).Transfer heat speed 1000 times than vacuum glass tube.
5).Antrifreeze -35 Deg.C
6).Best transferred materials is Glycol Mixture.


1).Manifold (interior): red copper
2).Manifold (exterior): aluminum alloy
3).Glass tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.8m / 47mm x 1.5m
4).Daily efficiency: ≥55% (≥42% in winter)
5).Hail resistance: 25mm
6).max pressure: 12 bar
7).Coating of vacuum tube: ALN/AIN-SS/CU
8).Heat Pipe: anti-freezing > -35 °C
9).Details of Heat Pipe Solar Tube please click here

Efficiency Inspection:EN12975 Standard-Solar Keymark-by TUV

Products list:

Model Heat pipe & Vacuum Tubes Daily hot water out Shipment G.Weight
Diameter Length Tubes Qty. (L) 20/40G/40H (KG)
CUCHP58/12 58mm 1800mm 12 pcs 120 134/271/320 29
CUCHP58/15 15 pcs 150 136/250/316 40
CUCHP58/18 18 pcs 180 102/215/256 46
CUCHP58/20 20 pcs 200 89/174/216 60
CUCHP58/24 24 pcs 240 77/154/190 64
CUCHP58/30 30 pcs 300 61/123/152 98

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